About Our Team

Our staff of talented individuals breathe life into A Premier Group each day. The distinct skills we collectively possess are as diverse as the staff members themselves, and when focused to reach a goal our team is exceptionally effective.

Tammy Collins -Creative Director, Senior Designer

I am an artist, designer, thinker, doer, and passionate to create a masterpiece. I am a leader, team player and facilitator wrapped up in one. I build on ideas, I create trends, I showcase edginess, I deliver branding and I create an image. I do this all because its a part of me, straight from the heart with passion.

Rudy Roma -Business Development, Social Marketing Guru

I have been working in Marketing for 16 years. Passionate about the Art of communication, I am consistently looking for the right message to tell the best story. My interest is high impact engagement, transforming everyones thinking. Building the emotional connection between brands and their consumers.

Bryan Stime -Web and Graphic Designer

As a designer I strive to create out-of-the-box designs, to push the envelope, and welcome new challenges with enthusiasm. From concept to completion I always bring my best.

At A Premier Group we blend young, fresh thinking with experience and wisdom to create ideas that are innovative and strategic. And we have fun doing it. Let our staff take your business to the next level.